January 13, 2019

Advantages of Steel Scaffolding

Whether it is a renovation, new build, extension or just some general maintenance, you are likely to need scaffold to complete any of these jobs.There are a range of different materials that your scaffold can be made from, but in the UK these are most commonly either steel or aluminium.

In this blog post we look at some of the key advantages to using steel scaffold, whether for a full scaffolding around a house or to create a single scaffold tower for access purposes.

Flexibility in design and size

Key to galvanised steel scaffolding systems, such as Ringlock and Cuplock, is their extreme flexibility and adaptability to any project or job.  Unlike and aluminium tower scaffolds, steel scaffold projects can be assembled to great heights with complete freedom to erect scaffold structures in shapes as your project requires.

Transporting and storage

Steel scaffold, regardless of system, Ringlock or Cuplock or other, is designed so that it can easily be stored and transported.  When a scaffold is correctly dismantled and stored you can easily store a structure of 22 metres long and 5 metres high in space only 4 metres long, 1 metre high and 1 metre wide. With advances in the production of scaffold, modern steel scaffold is often lighter than you would think. When purchasing new scaffolding it is always advisable to check if any guarantees on anti-corrosion are offered. Reputable scaffolding companies will only use top quality producers who can offer lengthy anti-corrosion guarantees.

Secure and steady Structures

Steel scaffolding is undoubtedly the best type of scaffold to bear heavy loads. Due to the nature of steel and its inherent strength and stability it is able to withstand the toughest of weather conditions.  Perfect for construction or maintenance of any kind when dealing with Britain’s changeable weather! These scaffolds are also able to bear weather conditions such as intense wind, heavy rains, and even an unlikely earthquake.


The lifespan of a steel scaffold is likely to be far longer than scaffold made from other materials.  Due to the hard-wearing nature of steel and strength of structure, breakages, bending, denting etc are all very unlikely.  These are all very common problems with less durable materials such as aluminium scaffold.

Ease of erection and dismantling

Steel scaffold systems such Ringlock and Cuplock, to name but a few, are designed to be erected and dismantled in as efficient and fast a time as possible. This advantage means you can get your projects started and cleared up faster.

Points to consider with scaffolding

We have already discussed why steel scaffolding is by far the best option when choosing scaffolding.  For the best use of steel scaffolds, there are things you need to know.

Choose carefully. There are literally hundreds of scaffolding companies in the UK today, offering scaffolding sales or scaffold contracting.

If buying scaffold, make sure your chosen supplier can provide accurate designs to match your project, offer a professional recommendation on which system will suit you best and finally can give you both support and advice should you need before, during and after purchase.

Should you decide on contracting a scaffolding company; it is highly important to use a company that can provide you professional advice on all aspects of your project. Ensure that they offer a full range of services before, during and after the scaffold hire. In case of a problem, the scaffold company should be available to solve it within the shortest time possible and be able to assist with advice and professional input when you need it.

The decision to buy or contract can be a difficult one to make as there are distinct advantages to both scenarios, dependant on your specific circumstance.  If you are still unsure you could have a read at this recent blog article or you can get in touch with our team who will be more than happy to talk though your options.

MJR Group Solutions offers a wide range of new and used scaffolding packages along with teams of highly experienced and qualified scaffolders should you prefer to contract or hire.  Get in touch with our team to day and see how MJR Group Solutions can help you today.

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