Ensuring My Scaffold Is Designed Correctly

The Essentials of Scaffolding Design

Projects of any size or sector that require scaffolding must take time to fully prepare and design the scaffolding professionally.  Scaffolding must meet a wide number of requirements and unless your scaffold is correctly designed by a professional, you are in danger of not meeting these requirements.

It is very important that the scaffolding on your projects is designed safely and correctly as this ensures that your scaffolding will be safe for all workers that are going to be on or near the scaffold.  Furthermore, a professionally designed scaffold will ensure that you are erecting the safest, most efficient structure for your next project.

What are the Requirements For Scaffolding?

The Work at Height 2005 Regulations states that scaffolding must be designed to bespoke requirements unless the scaffolding is being assembled to a general standard configuration. This means that you must look at every project individually and have scaffolding designed that is fit for purpose and project, every time. You should ensure that your chosen scaffolding contractor professionally designs bespoke scaffolds for you that meet all requirements. Your scaffolding contractor should supply you with detailed designs and specification for approval before starting any project.

Your chosen local scaffolding company should take care to plan the erect and dismantle process to ensure that the project can run smoothly and be completed on time, budget and in the safest possible manner.

When a scaffolding is designed, the scaffolding designer must take into account a wide range of criteria including length of time scaffold will be in place, what purpose it is for, loads scaffolding will be subjected to, along with other factors.  These factors are essential considerations that must be undertaken in every scaffolding design to ensure that it is safe and fit for purpose.

Do We Really Need To Follow Scaffold Regulations?

Scaffolding regulations are in place for good reason. If any scaffolding contractor or scaffolder tries to suggest to you that any part of these can be avoided or missed out, then you should run a mile! Failure to meet scaffolding regulations and standards can have a number of very serious and costly consequences. Of primary importance is that scaffolding regulations are for safety, failing to adhere to these could mean that the scaffold is unsafe for workers and for others that may be near to the scaffold, such as pedestrians if it is on a public walkway.  Aside from the obvious consequences to health of workers and public, there can be very serious financial implications for businesses that have an incident while having deployed unsafe scaffolding. We also advise to invest in contracting a professional scaffolding company to design, erect, manage and dismantle your scaffolding. This ensures that your team, clients and public are kept safe, your scaffolds are of required safety standards and our project can run more smoothly.

How Do I Know Make Sure I Get The Scaffolding Correct?

The easiest way to do this is to work with a professional scaffolding erection and contracting company. By choosing a professional scaffolding company you can ensure that they meet the required safety and regulatory standards. Further, you will ensure that your project can be run on budget and time.

MJR Group Solutions Ltd, is a professional scaffolding contractor that offers a full scaffolding design, erection, management and dismantle service to clients across Scotland and whole of the UK.  By exclusively using Layher scaffolding on all our projects we deliver the safest and highest standards of scaffolding available in the market today.  With all projects we supply full scaffolding design and specifications plans using industry leading design software and a team of highly qualified and experienced design engineers.

Whatever your project size or type, choose a professional company to deliver your next set of scaffolds, safely.  Get in touch with MJR Group Solutions today.


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