Layher Scaffolding

At MJR Group Solutions we use Layher Scaffolding exclusively on all our scaffolding contracting erection work in the UK.  We do this as we believe that Layher scaffolding allow us to offer our clients the best service through quality of product, increased safety and efficiencies in delivery that it offers

  • Ingenious connector technology – Eight connections in one plane, automatic right-angles and flexible angle selection, self-locking during assembly.
  • Comprehensive range of parts – For unlimited use, unbelievable potential and special one-off solutions. Fully compatible with other Layher systems and products.
  • Efficient, precision assembly -Time saved in assembly, ergonomic efficiencies for transport, assembly and storage, safer handling; the only system with all the European approval.
  • The Allround Scaffolding bolt-free system – Eliminates time consuming bolting, repeated adjustments, pipe and coupling entanglements and unclear force situations. Layher′s innovative wedge locking design affords safer assembly to whatever height is required.
  • Range of temporary access solutions – Safer internal access components for modular scaffolding and stairway towers, plus a vast variety of special stair solutions.
  • An ideal propping system – Economic and adaptable with extremely high strength capacity values, self-supporting and quick to install.

With German engineered and manufactured products Layher offers MJR Group Solutions the highest quality and most technologically advanced scaffolding available in the UK market.  This allows us to ensure that we remain equipped with the best possible scaffolding, making us a leader in the scaffolding contractor market in Scotland.

Layher is a global leader in scaffolding production, technology and innovation. The company is headquartered in Germany, with all production taking place in Germany.  Founded in 1945 the company now has subsidiaries in over 40 countries.

In 1974, Allround Scaffolding superseded conventional scaffolding construction techniques, using steel tubes and couplers, with its bolt-free wedge-head connection technology. Layher presented its further innovation: By using higher-tensile steel grades, new production processes and design improvements, they have succeeded in minimising the weight of the basic components of the SpeedyScaf and Allround Scaffolding systems – without reducing their high load capacities. Assembly speed can be increased up to 10%, transport capacity up to 12%.  This means that here at MJR Group Solutions we can reduce transport costs and labour costs, savings we pass to our clients.

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