MJR Group Solutions adopts Layher across contracting division

As a business we continually review every aspect of our business to ensure that we give our clients the best possible service.

With this in mind we have recently undergone a major project to review the scaffolding system that we use on our contracting projects for our clients.

After much market research, lots of trials, tests and manay, many meetings, we are immensely proud to announce that we have made the decision to adopt Layher scaffolding as the exclusive system that we will be using going forward for all scaffolding contracting and erection projects across Scotland and the UK.

We have decided to invest heavily in purchasing a large quantity of new Layher scaffold over the next 12 months, with our first deliveries already having been received and put to great use on projects for our existing clients.

Our decision to choose Layher was based on a variety of key factors, that when considered, Layher is far beyond all others in the market when looked at side by side.  In our opinion, it is a truly exceptional scaffolding system which will deliver a huge number of benefits, not only to our business, but to our clients as well.

“When making the final decision, we decided to invest heavily in the best scaffold available in the marketplace today. This enables us to demonstrate our commitment to quality to our staff, our clients and our competitors. We see Layher as the perfect option for us to demonstrate and achieve these goals.” Ryan Orr, Managing Director, MJR Group Solutions.

As a business we looked at safety, speed of erection/dismantle, component volumes, flexibility and other key factors.  When we carried out our research across the many, many component scaffold systems available today in the marketplace, we found that Layher is, in our opinion, miles ahead of the nearest competitor in every metric.

So far our move to Layher has been welcomed with huge positivity and excellent feedback from staff and clients alike.  Our staff love working with Layher. The speed, flexibility, lower weight and fewer components are key aspects our team tell us make Layher so good to work with.  From our clients, the feedback is the scaffold looks amazing, much more professional and is going up/down faster and more efficiently.

We look forward to increasing our total stock levels exponentially over the coming months and having the opportunity use our new Layher scaffold on lots more projects! 

MJR Group Solutions are experts when it comes to scaffolding for projects of all types and sizes. Why not find out today by calling one of our friendly team for a chat? Your scaffolding is not something to be taken lightly, and with years of experience, a list of professional accreditations and many satisfied customers to provide references, MJR Group Solutions is the obvious choice.

At MJR Group Solutions our erection and contracting division pride ourselves on delivering a professional, friendly, safety led and competitively priced scaffold erection service to all our clients across Glasgow, Edinburgh, Fife Scotland and the rest of the UK. Get in touch with our team today to discuss you next project. We are happy to have tender packs submitted to info@mjrgroupsolutions.co.uk for us to provide a quotation or call us on 01563 531866.

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