March 17, 2020

MJR Group Solutions – Covid-19 Precautions


As the rapidly changing situation around Covid-19 evolves across the UK, here at MJR Group Solutions are ensuring that we closely monitor the situation and act with the care and health of our staff, clients and the general public at the forefront of what we do.

As a business we will follow closely the official guidance as it is rolled out across the country.  Proactively we have taken steps to ensure that we minimise any potential threats of infection.   With immediate effect we are;

  • Ensuring that all staff are aware of potential symptoms and should they display any of these should self-isolate for advised periods.
  • Cancelled all non-essential work travel.
  • Where possible have staff work remotely.
  • Postpone any meetings and use other technologies such as video/phone to replace in the short term.
  • Supply staff with hand sanitisers and alcohol gels when in an internal office or vehicle.
  • Increase the frequency and depth of company vehicle cleaning programme.

As a business we remain open and will work to ensure that clients new and current receive the high levels of service that they have come to expect from us at all times.

This is clearly a challenging time for all and as such we would lie to offer our best wishes to those both in business and otherwise.

We are still welcoming new enquiries and if you have any questions relating to a current booking you have with us please get in touch for reassurance.

Kind Regards,

Ryan Orr

Managing Director

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