Some tips on Scaffolding for your next project


In the construction industry today due to modern techniques and by engaging a professional scaffolding contractor such as MJR Group Solutions, an architect most adventurous ideas can be achieved. With such a wide range of design types and technical details that go into new builds, restoration work or upgrading of a property today, it is imperative that you use qualified professionals every step of the way; scaffolding is one of these trades that must be completed by a reputable scaffolding contractor.
Scaffold in particular needs to be addressed with care and respect at all times. Working at height, any height, can be dangerous, and without the proper training and safety, can be one of the most dangerous aspects of any construction project.

Correct Training

On all construction sites your workers’ and subcontractors’ safety should be at the forefront of your mind at all times. All those working on the scaffolding should be properly trained on how to correctly work at height. The HSE also provides and runs a wide number of classes across the country to help you ensure that you are following all the necessary safety guidelines on your next construction project with scaffold.

If your scaffolding is going to be installed to a height of 10 feet or above, it is necessary to install guardrails on all sides of the scaffold that don’t actually face the building being worked on.

Licensing and inspection

The company you ultimately choose to provide your scaffolding will need to be recognised and accredited professionals. Check out their background and qualifications before signing any contracts. Reputable scaffolding firms will be members of Construction line, PQS, SMAS and CHAS. If they are not registered with all of these bodies, it would but in doubt their validity as a professional firm to deal with. Finally you can check references from past clients or contractors to validate the work that they claim they can do.
Scaffolding also needs to undergo thorough, regular inspections. It will need to be inspected after its been assembled, before work can start. It then needs to be inspected once a week, each week for the duration of the project.

MJR Group Solutions Ltd will insist on these checks. It’s for the safety of your workers, first and foremost. Bad weather, like the fierce winds, has the potential to loosen or damage scaffolding. It must be regularly checked and maintained.

The public

If the project you’re working on is on a public road or pathway or otherwise means working close to members of the public, you’ll need to take this into account. Your scaffolding needs to have proper access control 24 hours a day, especially during the night hours or when the building site is otherwise empty. Unfortunately, it is not unusual for some to try their hand at climbing the scaffolding, so make sure it’s properly secured before people leave at the end of the day.

Additionally, you may need to install netting or equivalent to prevent any falling debris and tools from reaching street level. This kind of thing can cause a lot of damage, both to people and property, so keep in mind at all times when planning where your scaffolding will be assembled.

MJR Group Solutions are experts when it comes to scaffolding for projects of all types and sizes. Why not find out today by calling one of our friendly team for a chat? Your scaffolding is not something to be taken lightly, and with years of experience, a list of professional accreditations and many satisfied customers to provide references, MJR Group Solutions is the obvious choice.

At MJR Group Solutions our erection and contracting division pride ourselves on delivering a professional, friendly, safety led and competitively priced scaffold erection service to all our clients across Glasgow, Edinburgh, Fife Scotland and the rest of the UK. Get in touch with our team today to discuss you next project. We are happy to have tender packs submitted to info@mjrgroupsolutions.co.uk for us to provide a quotation or call us on 01563 531866.

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